Certified Athletic Trainers for Local Athletes

PT Northwest is proud to partner with local high schools, colleges and professional sports teams to provide athletic training services. It takes a lot of people to prevent and treat injuries in athletics. That’s why our athletic trainers partner with physicians and physical therapists to provide comprehensive care. Each of our athletic trainers holds a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, with many having Master’s degrees and advanced clinical education. All of our athletic trainers are nationally certified and state licensed.

Athletic Trainers Salem

PT Northwest’s Athletic Training Program

Our athletic trainers are there atheletes every step of the way. We provide immediate care after an injury, develop training programs to help you recover from your injury, and offer education to athletes to help prevent future injury. We currently provide athletic training services to:

As well as a variety of other school and community based athletic clubs and events.

athletic trainer Salem


Partner with PT Northwest Athletic Trainers

PT Northwest can provide the athletic training services you need to help your athletes. To learn more about our athletic training program contact us.