Functional Capacity Evaulations & Ergonomic Assessments

Improving Workplace Performance & Safety

Every business owner wants their employees to work efficiently and every employee wants to make sure they’re working in a safe environment. Partnering with PT Northwest can help both business owners and employees meet those goals. We perform functional capacity evaluations and ergonomic assessments, which can help both employees and their employers set reasonable expectations for work output, increasing both safety and productivity.


Functional Capacity Evaluations are a comprehensive test battery that examines an individual’s perceived levels of function and actual abilities while also looking at aspects such as effort, competitive test performance and cross references this data to specific job descriptions. Whether it’s being used to evaluate a new hire or an employee returning from injury, our tests can help determine if the individual can physically perform the job requirements or can help maximize the employees’ abilities.


Ergonomic assessments are a great way to evaluate the safety of your workplace for your employees. Our experts will tour your facility to identify potential musculoskeletal risks that could be harmful to employees. We will also provide you with solutions to address each of our findings to prevent future injuries.


PT Northwest will educate business owners and their employees by presenting topics such as ergonomic concepts and body mechanics to show how they relate to work performance. We relate these topics to work performance and instruct you on how to incorporate them into your business. Our experts will provide exercises that employees can perform to reduce the likelihood of injuries.


Whether you own a small or large business, partnering with PT Northwest to conduct functional capacity evaluations and ergonomic assessments for your employees offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing worker compensation claims
  • Improving employee morale
  • Decreasing workers compensation insurance premiums
  • Increasing efficiency due to lack of injuries
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing pain, medical expenses and absenteeism
  • Reducing exposure to legal liabilities
  • Case resolution to allow people a definitive means to determine and assist in enhancing work tolerance

If you’re interested in partnering with PT Northwest to ensure your workplace is safe for your employees, fill out the form on this page to contact one of our experts.

PT Northwest Physical Therapy Locations Providing FCE’s / Ergonomic Assessments :

Corvallis Clinic

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Monmouth Clinic

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West Salem Clinic

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Silverton Clinic

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Stayton Clinic

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Physical Therapy Willamette University PT Northwest

Willamette Clinic

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Woodburn Clinic

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