Sports Injuries: What’s the Next Step?

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Imagine this: It’s your senior year, you’re on the field playing your heart out when the unthinkable happens. First, you hear it, then you feel it. You’re hurt. A trainer rushes to you and assists you off the field. Next thing you know, you’re sidelined for the next 6 weeks.

Suffering from sports injuries can be pretty disheartening but with the proper process and professionals, you can be on the way to back to your life pre-injury. Take a look at what your next steps should be if you end up with a sports-related injury.

Take the Time to Heal

When faced with sports injuries it can be difficult to stop your active lifestyle but rest and time play a large role in the recovery process. If you’re concerned that resting will hinder your active lifestyle and the shape you’re in, think of it this way if you don’t let your injury heal you may never heal enough to get back to where you were. Work with your physician to determine what your rest regimen would look like during the recovery process.

Seek Help

You shouldn’t go through the recovery process alone or without guidance. Working with a physical therapist can help maintain or restore your range of motion, muscle strength, endurance and manage pain. A physical therapist can provide a set of workouts, stretches and other techniques to help get you back to pre-injury status.


We’ve all heard the acronym, R.I.C.E. which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevate, but in recent years this acronym has evolved to P.R.I.C.E, the ‘P’ standing for prevention. You may wonder how you can prevent an injury, sometimes they just happen but with the correct training, stretching and proper execution you can prevent sports injuries.

If you are faced with a sports injury, remember to take the time to heal, seek help from a trusted physical therapist and after healing make it the goal to learn proper prevention techniques. If you’re looking to help prevent injuries, help you recover or manage pain from former injuries contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can deliver a custom solution to help get you back in the game!