Monthly Archives: December 2017

Setting Your PT Goals While in Treatment

The great thing about physical therapy is you, as the patient, have the ability to challenge yourself with the help of your therapist. While we work with you in the clinic, we also encourage you to continue with prescribed exercises at home. It may seem overwhelming, on top of all your other day-to-day responsibilities, but […]

Side Effects of Sitting All Day and How to Counter Act Them

Do you find yourself rolling and rubbing your neck throughout the day or looking for excuses to get up from your desk to relieve the hip pain? You’re not alone. The side effects of sitting include decreased insulin production, strained back and neck muscles, increased hip pain, decreased hip flexors size, increased risk of heart […]

Introducing the Keet Program

If you been in for an appointment or scheduled an appointment lately, then you may have received something from our Keet Program. Moving forward, we will be utilizing the Keet Program to connect with you, our patient, to better serve you and provide an outstanding experience. Let’s learn a little bit more about Keet and […]

Three Tips to Staying Active in the Winter

We don’t know about you, but sometimes winter can be a bummer if you love being outside and living an active lifestyle. With it getting darker sooner and the temperature rapidly decreasing, you can find yourself missing the walks you use to take after work or the weekend hikes. With a little help from your […]