Three Tips to Staying Active in the Winter

Staying Active in the Winter

We don’t know about you, but sometimes winter can be a bummer if you love being outside and living an active lifestyle. With it getting darker sooner and the temperature rapidly decreasing, you can find yourself missing the walks you use to take after work or the weekend hikes. With a little help from your friends at PT Northwest, here are three tips to help you stay active in the winter!

  1. Pick Up a Winter Sport: This may seem obvious but with the right winter clothing, you may not have to miss enjoying the outdoors. A trip to the mountains may be just what you need this winter. Gather your snow boots, skis or snowboard and make the transition from bike rides to ski lift rides. If you have kids or you’re just looking for some fun, arrange a snowball fight, you’ll be having so much fun, you may just forget about the chilly temperatures.
  2. Set Workout Goals: We all love achieving goals and with a new year right around the corner, there’s no better time to set some lifestyle goals than right now. Having something to work towards throughout the winter months can help keep you active and from getting in a cold weather slump. Even better? Find an accountability partner who helps you stay focused and committed to staying active.
  3. Drum up Activity at Work: Keep yourself active at work by using the stairs, taking the long way to the restroom, moving your trashcan across your office or even request a standing desk. If you’re building is large enough, have some of your meetings become walking or standing meetings. If your office is equipped with a gym, take advantage of it and work out with co-workers for a fun break.

We hope you find yourself becoming a little less active as the temperature gets colder, remember these three tips! For more tips on staying active and healthy while doing so visit our website or Facebook page.