Chris Harris: A Patient Success Story

PT Northwest Stayton Physical Therapy

We’ve been celebrating our wins from 2016 all month long. In keeping with that theme, we’d like to share a patient success story out of our Stayton physical therapy location in 2016:

Chris Harris

Chris Harris is a very active guy. He enjoys the beautiful surroundings of the Willamette Valley, and until two years ago, enjoyed it exclusively from the ground level. That’s when he began to skydive. With 138 jumps under his belt, he was thoroughly enjoying this new view!

However, on his 139th jump, he ran into some difficulty during his landing that forced him down faster than expected. He landed awkwardly, suffering a dislocated ankle and three broken bones. The accident required surgery, and left him unable to participate in the sport he had come to love.

After recovering from the surgery, Chris was determined to get back to his active lifestyle. He sought the assistance of Jon Moore, MPT and his staff at the PT Northwest Stayton physical therapy clinic. His desire to return to his regular activities drove Chris to push himself, and Moore ensured that he did so at a safe, but advanced pace.

“At no point in the process did he ever doubt that he would get back to skydiving, and he always gave 110% to make sure he got back to life as it was before his injury,” said Moore.

Only three months after his surgery he was back in the air, and now, less than one year later he is up to 170 jumps, and continuing to enjoy the sport and life he had before.

“The Staff at PT Northwest were always very professional and kind during my visits and allowed me to push forward,” Chris said. “I have had nothing but good experiences in my dealing with PT Northwest and am very happy I chose them for my physical therapy.”

Stories like Chris’s are the reason we’re glad to be a part of this industry and a part of the community! Look to next month’s blog to hear another patient success story.