Hitting the Gym: Staying Healthy with 5 Tips

Hitting the Gym

Cold and flu season is here and in full force! And if you’re not careful you could find yourself with a runny nose and an achy body, especially if the person on the treadmill before you was nursing a runny nose. While hitting the gym this winter, you may want to take a look at these five tips to help you stay healthy after visiting the workout facility.

  1. Wipe Down the Equipment: This should just be common courtesy but make sure you grab a towel and bottle of disinfectant spray provided by your gym. You can’t trust the person who use the machine before you wiped it down so you’ll want to give it a spritz before starting your workout. And don’t forget to do the same when you’re done.
  2. Avoid the Community Water Fountain: Even though water fountains have been redesigned to be more sanitary, you’ll still find more bacteria on a water fountain than a toilet. Yes, you read that right. A safe bet it to bring your own bottle full of water to get you through your work in order to avoid any pesky cold and flu germs.
  3. Be careful about your gym back: Throwing your gym bag on the floor can be a great place for germs and bacteria to flock to. To help prevent you from carrying these germs home with you, try switching to a plastic or vinyl material you can spray or wipe down with disinfectant wipes.
  4. Protect Your Feet: While dirty feet may not lead to the cold or flu, it could lead to some other nasty things. If you plan on using a yoga mat provided by your gym, you’ll want to wipe it down like you would any other equipment. You may also look into getting yoga socks to protect your feet while walking around the studio.
  5. Wash ‘Em Off: So you’re equipment is sanitized, your bag is too, you’ve brought your own waterbottle and you’re ready to wrap up your workout – don’t forget this biggie. Wash your hands! Make sure you’re hands are clean and sanitized after you’re workout to prevent spreading lingering germs to your phone, keys, door handles and steering wheel. Washing your hands is an easy and simple way to prevent the cold and flu this season, no matter where you are.

Next time you hit the gym remember these tips to stay healthy and active all winter long! To learn more about PT Northwest visit our website here.