How to Recover From Your Marathon Run

Recover From Your Marathon Run

So you set a goal to run a marathon – you’ve picked your race, you have your training schedule mapped out, and your shoes are waiting to hit the pavement. But are you really ready? How do you recover from your marathon run? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your marathon run and training.

Grab a Post-Race Snack: As soon as you cross that finish line, you’ll probably be hunting for your clothes to stay warm but don’t forget to refuel your body. Try grabbing snacks like bananas, bagels, sports drinks, or an energy bar. Remember to take it slow when it comes to eating after your race.

Don’t Skimp on the H2O: Especially if it was a hot race, you’ll want to replenish all that you sweat out. Fill up a water bottle and continue to drink it down throughout the day. If water isn’t doing the trick consider downing a recovery drink.

Take a Soak: Sitting in a cold bath for about 10 minutes can help when it comes to recovery. A cold bath can help reduce any inflammation and help speed up the healing process.

Stretch it Out: While it’s not encouraged to stretch immediately after a race, waiting at least six hours to stretch or foam roll is a good rule of thumb. Waiting allows your muscles to replenish and regain the energy lost after running 26.2 miles.

Don’t Hit the Ground Running: Give yourself a break! You’ve been training to run the long distance and then you did it. Don’t throw yourself back into running long distances the next day. Consider taking a walk and do some stretches. Look into crossing training or yoga for a couple of weeks and then hit the pavement again after that.

We’re proud of what you plan to accomplish – it is hard work! What are your post-marathon recovery tips? To learn how we can help you take your running technique to the next level, visit our website today.