Meet Our Team: Kyle Bidgood

Kyle Bidgood

We love sharing who we are as a clinic and the people that make it what it is! For the next couple of months, we’ll be featuring the physical therapists in our various clinics! Today, you’ll meet our team member, Kyle Bidgood!

Name: Kyle Bidgood

Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Chapman University

Specialty: Orthopedics

Years with PT Northwest: Seven years

Why did you choose PT as a career? I wanted a career in the health field but was not sure what I wanted to do. I spent time in a training room observing athletic trainers, and I liked the rehab portion of their job. I looked into careers in rehabilitation and found physical therapy.

What’s your favorite part being a physical therapists? Helping my patients achieve their goals.

Describe a typical day at work. First patient at 7am. Lots of laughing, exercising, and talking about dogs, cats, and chickens. Documentation, documentation, documentation, and a little more documentation.

What has surprised you most about being a physical therapists? Paperwork.

If you could tell patients or potential patients one thing about PT what would you tell them? You will have good days and bad days in physical therapy. At the end the good will out number the bad and it will all be worth it.