Patient Success Story: Jim

lumber fusion

Life is truly an adventure and at PT Northwest, we believe that even the biggest obstacles can help make the journey all the more worthwhile. Find out how one patient overcame adversity and a lumbar fusion to set forth on the biggest undertaking of all in this week’s PT Northwest success story:


With a love of daily explorations, Jim was never afraid of what the future held. As an avid outdoorsman, he was used to the daily bumps and bruises that came with his favorite activities. However, after a lumber fusion operation left him sidelined, he was ready to turn to the team at PT Northwest. A fan of backpacking, snowboarding, dirt biking, and river rafting, he was not about to let this new setback prevent him from reaching his objectives. Previously, Jim had set the goal of climbing South Sister in the Oregon Cascades by the end of the summer. He remained dedicated to this commitment as he began his path to recovery.

Over the next few months, Jim not only stayed devoted to working with his physical therapists, Mayla Velez and Jeremy Meyer, but he remained dedicated to pursuing his favorite pastimes. As his surgeon allowed, he continued to go shooting and mushroom hunting without difficulty. Additionally, he gradually began to increase the amount of weight he could lift and was able to start walking trails once more. Crediting his surgeon, Dr. York, as well as the team at PT Northwest, Jim not only was able to make a recovery and conquer South Sister, but he also undertook numerous hikes to waterfalls along the Umpqua River, as well as enjoy a renewed love for dirt biking, hunting, and snowboarding. With each day brining a new adventure, Jim is already gearing up for the next one and we were happy to be a part of the journey.

At PT Northwest, we are committed to helping our patients return to their active lifestyles. To hear more success stories, just like Jim’s, make sure to follow our Facebook page and check out our past blog posts.