Patient Success Story: Sierra

ACL tear

When it comes to achieving your goals, the biggest obstacles can often seem unsurmountable. However, with hard work and dedication, they can also become your greatest triumphs. In this week’s patient success story, we take a look at the true merit of what it means to succeed and why falling down is not the definition of a person. It is how they fight back that ultimately shapes their future.

Sierra’s ACL Tear

As a varsity basketball player, high school student Sierra was well accommodated to playing hard. Whether on the court, at home or in school, her commitment to improvement was unmatched. However, a devastating injury soon changed everything. After suffering an ACL tear during a basketball game, she now found herself faced with a long and rocky road to recovery. After meeting with her orthopedic surgeon, they recommended the team at PT Northwest to help regain her strength. After meeting with Jon Moore at our Stayton Clinic, Sierra was ready to go to surgery.

For athletes, the pain of the actual injury takes a backseat to the mental influence such an event has on their recovery. After surgery, Sierra watched as her leg shrank and her confidence in regaining her pre-injury form was difficult to retain. However, Jon was there to help every step of the way. By setting small goals throughout her physical therapy treatment, she was able to make the steps necessary to improve her strength. Each day she completed a new goal, her confidence grew. After 6 months of hard work, Sierra had not only regained all of her leg muscle, she actually had more strength than she did prior to the injury!

After regaining her power, Sierra was ready to hit the court again with Jon cheering on from the sidelines. With fresh determination and renewed confidence, she was ready to make an immediate impact for her team.

“It was a career highlight of mine to watch Sierra back on the court this season. I know how many physical and mental hurdles had to be overcome to get to that point. Not all athletes are able to get over those hurdles but, as a team, Sierra and I were able to overcome those hurdles and achieve a common goal, to have her back on the court competing at a high level.”

-Jon Moore

At PT Northwest, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their goals. To hear more success stories, just like Sierra’s, make sure to follow our Facebook page and check out our past blog posts.