PT Northwest Running Program

PT Northwest Running Program

No matter what level of runner you consider yourself, novice or expert, there’s always room to improve and reach your highest potential as a runner. That’s why we’re excited to bring our patients a brand new running program specifically designed to improve your running mechanics, help avoid injury, recover from a running injury and help you be the best runner you can be.

Runners, meet the PT Northwest Running Program!

If you’re looking to be better, faster and stronger, we believe with the help of our physical therapists and our program we can get you to that point. The program starts with an in-depth video analysis of your running style. Your physical therapists will set up a camera to record while you run on a treadmill. They’ll analyze this video for techniques like gait, cadence, stride, posture and more. Your PT will go over the analysis and provide suggestions to improve your running technique.

Being a runner or looking to step up your running game, the benefits of this program are invaluable if you wish to have a long running career. No longer endure pain while you run or stop letting an old running injury keep you sidelined from the jogging path. PT Northwest trained professionals who will provide stretches, exercises and technique suggestions to get you on the right path to optimize your run.

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