PT Northwest Success Story: Kathy Doring

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As an active member of her community, Kathy Doring’s days are filled with helping others. From volunteering at her church to helping the elderly with their daily routines, her passion keeps her moving. This all changed when she began to experience symptoms of frozen shoulder last year. Due to the pain, she was unable to function at her typical level of activity, limiting her ability to appreciate her everyday joys. This is when we met Kathy and how she became a PT Northwest Success Story.

Kathy Doring

After experiencing the pain for six weeks, she met with our team and started working with Jenna Sturzing, MPT at our West Salem location. Due to past health issues, Kathy’s treatment was in consistent transition to prevent any possible injuries or pain. Jenna made it a priority to speak with Kathy’s orthopedist to ensure they could work together to find a tailored solution. By consistently analyzing and adjusting treatments as well as offering plenty of encouragement, her mobility slowly returned. Although each day brought new challenges, Kathy’s hard work and trust in her team helped her continue to improve her overall wellness.

Staying healthy is never a one-time quick fix. In addition to her work with Jenna, Kathy has also visited and worked with the staff in three other PT Northwest clinics for different health issues. Each time, her positive attitude and admirable commitment has helped make the difference. This was particularly true when she suffered a spasm after being rear-ended in traffic, causing one of her legs to become shorter which resulted in a limp. After scheduling a meeting with Scot Campbell, PT, OCS, they were able to regain her ability to walk normally again after only one session.

Maintaining the capability to experience our hobbies and routines is a vital part of a healthy and happy life. With strong dedication and collaboration with our staff, Kathy is able to once again conquer the world, one kind act at a time. We appreciate the chance to be a part of it.

At PT Northwest, we put our patient’s heath first. Make sure to check our blog monthly for the latest success stories and contact our staff to learn more about how we can help you.