Side Effects of Sitting All Day and How to Counter Act Them

Side Effects of Sitting

Do you find yourself rolling and rubbing your neck throughout the day or looking for excuses to get up from your desk to relieve the hip pain? You’re not alone. The side effects of sitting include decreased insulin production, strained back and neck muscles, increased hip pain, decreased hip flexors size, increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and decreased bone mass.

Since the average American sits on average 6-8 hours a day, it’s important that you get up and move throughout the day to help the reduce the side effects of being sedentary during the work day.

It’s recommended that you stand for two hours a day, which can be a simple task given the correct resources. Ask your boss or HR department for a standing desk so you’re able to get your two hours a day and help relieve any pain points you may be facing while seated.

You could also consider asking for a stability ball as opposed to an ergonomic desk chair. A stability ball helps maintain your balance and build your core strength. It’s also been said sitting on a stability ball help employees focus better.

Switch up your commute and add some activity to your day by ditching the car or bus and break out your bike or walking shoes. If your commute is 30 minutes to work, you’ll get an hour of recommended activity, 30 minutes more than the 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Take a break and do some stretches throughout the day. There are plenty of stretches created just for those sitting at their desks. You can fold your leg over your knee and bend your torso forward to give your leg and back a stretch. You can slowly roll your neck and complete a series of shoulder shrugs to release tension in your neck and shoulders. Stretch out your hip and hip flexors by standing up and bend your knee and bring your heel to your butt.

If you find yourself continuously dealing with pain from sitting at your desk all day and struggle dealing with the adverse effects of being sedentary, we’d be happy to help! Find a clinic closest to you by visiting our website.