Patient Success Story: Stewart Evans

Meet Stewart Evans – Stewart is an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking and backpacking but with a recently ACL tear, he was concerned about the amount of time he’d be sidelined from backpacking that next summit.

After surgery Stewart looked for a trusted partner to help him make an effective recovery. Stewart started an intensive physical therapy regimen with Lisa Gilbertson, PT, MSPT, OCS, GCS, Kezier Clinic Director and her team. After working with the team and incrementally increasing his activity level Stewart has recovered from his ACL tear.

Stewart is back to his active lifestyle and has been riding his mountain bike, sometimes even 45-minute long rides, followed a couple days later with a backpacking trip. Since his surgery, he’s completed nine backpacking trips, which included a trip to the Grand Canyon!

Sometimes a speedy and effective recovery is all about the mindset and attitude you have.

“Stewart was always enthusiastic and eager to give his all in getting better. He had his sights set on getting back to hiking and backpacking and was able to achieve these goals quickly because of his hard-work and dedication to his therapy,” Lisa Gilbertson, PT, MSPT, OCS, GCS commended.

At PT Northwest, we take pride in helping Stewart Restore His Active Lifestyle! We’re thrilled to see him back outdoors, backpacking and hiking!